Monday, January 7, 2008

Stewart Falls

On Saturday afternoon, Brandon and I headed up to Aspen Grove to go on a little snowshoeing adventure. Our plan was to hike up to Stewart Falls but neither of us really knew where to find the trail head. For the first hour we blazed our own way up the mountain through fresh powder. Man, what a work out!!! Luckily we stumbled across the trail and the rest of the trip was easy! There were some great lookout points where you could see all of looked so beautiful with the fresh snowfall from that morning. We also saw an area that looked like an avalanche had passed through. All of the aspen tree were bent or snapped in half. Finally we made it to the falls. Wow!! Stewart Falls is beautiful in the winter! Most of the waterfall is frozen solid. This was Brandon's first time up to Stewart Falls and my first time in the winter. We took a few pictures and ate some yummy Krackle chocolates (my favorite) and then headed back. By this time the sun was down and we made most of our trek home in the dark.

Little did I know, our adventure was not over when we got to the car. After turning the first bend in the canyon road we met up with a momma and baby moose. We slowly followed them from Aspen Grove to Sundance where they finally decided to get out of the road. The funny thing is on our way down from Stewart Falls Brandon asked me what I would do if we turned the corner and saw a giant moose in our path. How did he know!