Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heads or Tails

When we moved to Washington Brandon wanted to get Direct TV for the sole purpose of watching BYU football. I didn't know this but I guess you need to have a south facing apartment to position the satellite dish. We have a north facing apartment. Needless to say Brandon was a little sad that we only got to listen to the games off the internet.

But last Saturday was the big game and we had to take drastic measures to help support our alma mater. Our friend Nate called every sports bar in Seattle to see who could show the game and finally found it... Heads or Tails. There were about 8 or 9 of us Cougar fans in this cold and drafty one room bar. We wish the team would have played better. What was up with Max Hall throwing all those interceptions? Anyways, all the bar goers were very friendly and helped cheer for BYU. One of the regulars even jumped off his stool to come over and say, "I thought Mormons don't drink." We assured him it was only soda and that we weren't drinking. Maybe next year the Cougs will play a little better. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Here's a shout out to my super smart husband who just passed his fourth and final CPA exam! Congratulations Brandon...no more tests ever!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apples, Ducks, Mist, and 007...

...who knew that was what Seattle has to offer? My parents came to visit last weekend and that pretty much highlights what we did while they were here. Brandon had been in Spokane all week on business so I picked all of them up at the airport Friday night. We went to dinner at Claim Jumper and then showed them around Redmond and our new apartment. Saturday morning we headed downtown to walk Pike's Market. There we watched the famous fish throwers and perused all the booths. We bought Honey Crisp Apples which were delicious and then went to lunch at Pike's Market Grill. This is one of my favorite little places to eat at Pike's.

We couldn't have asked for better weather for their visit. Everyone kept saying how it is never this nice in November. With the sunny skies we decided to go on a Duck Tour. I've seen these Duck Boats cruising around the city but have never been on one. The tour starts by driving around to historical sites downtown while giving a little history and ends up as a cruise around Lake Union. Somehow, the bus becomes a boat. I've always wondered how that works. I didn't really figure it out but I know it does...thankfully. It's a weird feeling being in a large bus driving straight into a lake. We then walked around the Seattle Center and looked at the Space Needle. That night we relaxed at home with a home cooked meal and a show Casino Royale to prepare us for the new James Bond movie that came out this weekend.

Sunday morning we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls. Again it was a beautiful day but the Observation Deck at the Falls was completely covered with a cloud of mist. You couldn't see the Falls unless you went up by Salish Lodge which only lets you see the top of the Falls. Still it was beautiful; I just wish my parents could have seen the whole thing. After church we took my parents to the airport. It was a short weekend but I was so happy they would come and see where we lived. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming. We hope you had a good time.