Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mormon Messages on YouTube

Today I found the coolest thing. I was searching on lds.org for something uplifting to read because I was just feeling down about a few things. As I was scrolling through the homepage I noticed at the bottom there was a link to Mormon Messages on YouTube. You all probably have seen these before but it was brand new to me. Mormon Messages is an official channel of the church on YouTube (who would have thought). Each week they post messages about basic gospel beliefs and other inspiring stories and uplifting messages. I clicked on the link and began watching a clip of Pres. Uchtdorf talking about creativity. I spent the next half hour watching all the other short clips. Each had beautiful pictures, scenery, music and of course inspired words from modern day prophets that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I just wanted to share my discovery with everyone because it made my day and I hope it makes yours!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a GREAT weekend

This weekend Brandon and I went up to Arlington to stay with Grandma Beth. It was a fun weekend. On Friday Grandma Beth and I went out to lunch at Arby's and then shopping at Target while Brandon was at work. That evening we had a great surprise from Brandon when he got home. He bought us both some beautiful flowers for Valentine's Day. Grandma kept saying how beautiful her lilies were. I absolutely loved my roses...this is the first time since we got engaged that Brandon has given me flowers and being the huge Bachelor fan that I am I told him I felt like I had been to a dozen rose ceremonies and that he must really love me. Saturday night we all went out to dinner at the Eaglecrest Restaurant. Sunday we got up early and went to our ward in Redmond and then drove around to look at a few condos for sale in Issaquah. I had a great time this weekend talking and getting to know Grandma Beth better! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Grandma's calla lily

My roses

Brandon and Grandma at dinner on Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just for Valentine's Day

I thought for Valentine's Day it would be fun to reminisce about when Brandon and I were dating. Here are a few fun memories...

...Staying up most the night watching shooting stars...Burning CDs for the Music Fireside...Light sabers in the courtyard...Becca's Cuddle Bag...Viva Las Vegas!...Speed Scrabble...Surprise--meet my parents...Nerf gun wars...Cursed Thanksgiving basketball game...Throwing throw-up on you...Road trip to Boise...Debating Utah vs. Washington as best state in the continental US--I think you won since we're here...Talking on the couch in the 5th floor break room at 2am...Costco hot dog anyone?...'Hey brother! (Buster's voice)...'It is sweltering in here!'...Grill Master...Jericho--why did we waste our time on that show?...Meeting Little Red...Snowshoeing to Stewart Falls...Sudoku and Crossword puzzles...Making smores over the stove...'What white patch?'...Bocce by Helaman Halls...Bird poop and cheesecake...Early morning runs after work...Spinach mushroom ravioli--your favorite!...Rock Band featuring Johnny Got A Haircut...Waterproof Uno in the hot tub...Tennis (real and on the Wii)...Gorilla Glue and a half empty Propel bottle...

These plus HUNDREDS more little moments like these added up to one thing...me falling in love with the man of my dreams.

Happy Valentine's Day Brandon!
I love you!
(and thanks for not having surgery this Valentine's Day!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have the best husband ever!

This is where he is taking me at the end of May... sunny CANCUN!!!! And I am soooo excited!

A couple weekends ago Brandon asked me if I wanted to go on a vacation with him. I told him I would if it was somewhere warm and sunny. I have never been so pasty white in my life and I just need to look forward to some time in the sun! He suggested Cancun and I was thrilled. I've never been there before and it met my two requirements perfectly. We will have more than 4 months to plan this trip which is longer than we had to plan our entire wedding but I've discovered you should always have a vacation or something to look forward to...especially during busy season.

After looking through dozens of different hotel options we finally decided on the Dreams all-inclusive resort in Cancun. The pictures make it look amazing and I catch myself looking at the online brochure a little too often thinking of the day I will be lying on the beach soaking up all that sun. There is tons of stuff to do...snorkeling, scuba lessons, kayaking, yoga, spanish cooking classes, tennis, biking, ocean trampoline, euro-bungee, golfing, laying on the beach, swimming with the dolphins, shows, live music, big screen outdoor movies, pool volleyball, dining...you name it. It all sound like so much fun. We are super excited!!

We just got our 'tickets' (really just a pamphlet about the resort and our reservation numbers) in the mail yesterday so it is official. Mexico here we come!!