Friday, April 4, 2008

One Year Older...

...and hopefully wiser too! Yesterday was my 24th birthday! Wow...I am one old lady. It was a great day. First off I didn't have to work. I have been working a lot lately and this was my first day off in a long long time! I went up to SLC to do some wedding stuff in the morning. My sister Janae is in town from LA for conference weekend so she and my mom were there to help pick flowers and a cake. I think what we picked will look really good. Then my mom and all my sisters (except Suzy) went out to lunch at the Red Butte Cafe. sure was tasty!

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That night a bunch of friends went to Red Robin for dinner. Then we had strawberry short cake at my apartment to top off the evening.

The best part of my birthday was my present from Brandon. Ater we got home from dinner Brandon asked me to grab my computer because he wanted to show me something. He wouldn't let me look until he had whatever it was pulled up on the screen. To my surprise it was a slideshow of pictures of our proposal! Brandon had one of his roommates hiding up near the rock where he proposed. I had no idea someone was there taking pictures. It was the best birthday present ever! I am a lucky girl to be marrying such a thoughtful guy! I put the slideshow to the side...take a look.