Thursday, April 15, 2010


Over Easter and Conference weekend all of the Plaster family gathered in Spokane. Everyone was there except for Peter, who we really missed. You can see more pictures on Lindsey's blog.

Here's the whole gang together.
Here is the original Plaster 7!
Saturday morning the kids woke up to discover the Easter bunny had come a day early. They had a little easter egg hunt around the house. They were very proud of all their loot.Here is Uncle B playing with some of the neices and nephews. I don't know exactly what they are playing?!Saturday night we had a little watch party. Here is everyone modeling the watches they picked.

Sunday afternoon all the little girls made bracelets.

I admit I didn't hear a lot of conference and am excited to get next month's Ensign. But I am proud to say I finally learn how to crochet...thanks to Lindsey and Angie's patiences! And I also turned I'm getting old. It was a fun weekend! Thanks for everything Debby and Jim! We were so glad to be able to spend time with the fam!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 2 favorite things right now...

First this... Then these...

Surprisingly I have never owned or really listened to a lot of Taylor Swift until Brandon got me this CD for my birthday. I soon discovered I LOVE her! I also just picked up these shoes for the marathon at a steal of a deal. Only paid $9 for them when they usually cost $125 (I love coupons and gift cards). And they are absolute heaven to run in! You never really know how worn out your running shoes are until you go for a run in new ones. Together these two make for happy training!