Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Boy

Ten more things you may not know about this Birthday Boy!
1. He is turning 28 today. I can only say two words: Old Man!

2. Hiking is one of his favorite pastimes. Unfortunately we are both too busy we can't get out there as much as we would like.

3. He loves doing yard work. I don't mow the lawn on purposes because I know he would be sad if he got home and saw it was done.

4. He is a great neighbor. The other night our neighbor's garage door was open when we were on our way to bed. He called them and left a message. But he couldn't go to bed knowing it was open. He ended up going over there to shut it but they got his message and closed it.

5. Some of the things on his wish list include a truck and a gun. I told him I would buy him a gun but he hasn't taken me up on my offer. :)

6. He owns about 30 ties. That's a lot, right? Or is that pretty typical?

7. He bought boat shoes the other day and now really wants linen pants. Does that scream Old Man to anyone else? Don't worry everyone; I said NO to the linen pants.

8. He is still a perfect gentleman. He hasn't missed opening the car door for me in over two years.

9. He would be an excellent game show contestant. He knows all the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune before I do and can answer random questions on Jeopardy. I really need to get him on one of these shows.

10. He gives great foot and back rubs. And he does them all the time without me asking. I love it!!

These are just ten more of the hundreds of reasons I love this Birthday Boy!
Happy Birthday Brandon!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall City Farms

Last Saturday we made our yearly trip to the Fall City Farms to pick pumpkins. We walked around the pumpkin patch and finally picked our pumpkins. This year we got bigger ones so I made Brandon carry both of them to the car. We also sat and ate their homemade doughnuts and drank hot apple cider as we listened to the live Cuban Salsa band. This year they added an air cannon and would shoot small pumpkins and squash about 100 yards across an empty field. Here we are sitting at the mini concert.
This is Brandon's pumpkin.This is my pumpkin.And here is the finished product. Sunday afternoon we carved them for our 2nd Annual Plaster Pumpkin Carving Contest!! Please cast your vote in the comments: Jack or the haunted house.
Happy Halloween everyone!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

What we've been up to

PUYALLUP FAIR:We went to the Puyallup Fair again this year. We ate at Longhorn BBQ and then walked through all the vendor booths. We were suckered into buying 'Purple Polish' which cleans stainless steel appliances (it works alright). And you can't go to the fair without getting your picture taken by the big carrot. WALLACE FALLS:
Friday afternoon we went on a short hike up to Wallace Falls. It was a beautiful day and a fun, easy hike. Here are the lower falls.
This is the view from the Middle Falls.
Here is my handsome husband.GARDENING:
Saturday afternoon Brandon and I worked in our yard as we listened to conference. We planted 50 tulip bulbs and 100 crocus bulbs. It is kind of sad to work so hard all day and then not have any flowers right there to show for it! But come spring it will look amazing! We also replaced three dead bushes in our backyard and planted three viola plants in the front. And we planted a peach and pear tree out front. So excited for those! :) And look at our sad lawn. It has officially seen better days. Our backyard doesn't get direct sunlight so the grass never dries out. It has been a constant swamp back there and this is the result. We re-seeded it but it probably won't come around until spring (if at all).
Sunday we watched conference via the internet! We had peach and banana crepes in honor of the Cannon family tradition. We sure missed being with family! Conference was amazing! If you missed it you can listen here.