Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fry Sauce

For people in Utah, fry sauce is a normal part of life. If you go to any restaurant you can have fry sauce with your fries rather than just the regular old ketchup. I think fry sauce was one of Karen's favorite things about Utah.

Most of you know that Karen and I moved to the Seattle area about a week and a half ago. More posts will come to tell you all about the move but I want to relate just this one story which happened the second day we were in Washington.

Thursday was a long (partially succesful) day of furniture shopping. Since we rented a furnished apartment in Provo we did not have any furniture for our dining room or living room. We needed to find a couch and a dining room table so we could have a place to sit in our front room and a place to eat. (We did find a couch this day but I will leave it to Karen to write about the furniture). It was about nine at night when we finally decided to get some dinner (it was a long day of furniture shopping). My parents decided to take us out to dinner to celbrate my passing of another section of the CPA exam. There was a Red Robin close by so we went there. Red Robin is one of Karen's favorite places to eat. (There fry sauce is her favorite - it is a little different than everyone else's).

After completing our orders the waitress kindly asked if we would like anything else. Karen's face lit up as she asked for some fry sauce. The waitress got a somewhat confused look and I immediatley knew what I had done. Not only had I brought Karen all the way to Washington 900 miles from her family but also from her beloved fry sauce. The waitress informed us that she was not sure what fry sauce was and my heart sank. I knew that Karen was crying although there was no evidence of this on her cheeks.

One week later...

We are in Spokane with my family for the blessing of Hadley (my little brother's daughter). For a celebratory dinner Tyler's inlaws took us all out to eat at Red Robin. As the waiter was taking our orders he asked each of us if we would like any sauces (included in the list of sauces was fry sauce). We were skeptical at first but hopeful. Karen ordered some fry sauce. Our food was brought out along with the fry sauce. It looked exactly like the fry sauce at Red Robin from Utah (which is Karen's favorite). Karen anxiously dipped a fry and took a bite. It was a little piece of Utah right here in Washington.

I have no longer separated my wife from two of her loves (her family and her fry sauce). She is now just separated from her family but close enough that we can visit everyonce in a while. I am grateful for the sacrifices which Karen has made in moving with me to Seattle. It has not been easy for her but she is adapting very well. We are enjoying the area and Karen will make a post soon about the entire move.

For all the Utahns out there removed from their home state - you can find fry sauce at any Red Robin restaurant. (It is disguised as onion ring sauce.)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 'Utah Date'

Today Brandon and I were able to go on what I call a 'Utah Date.' We started the day off with a 3.5 mile run. We are wanting to run a marathon next year so we are slowly starting to train. Brandon is doing great considering he had knee surgery in February and only started running a few weeks ago. We then headed up to the SLC temple to see our friends Jana and Scott on their wedding day. They look so happy. After taking pictures on the temple grounds, Brandon and I were planning on doing a session but as we were walking into the dressing rooms we were asked to do proxy sealings. It was a really cool experience because we were able to do the sealings in the same room my Grandma and Grandpa Cannon were sealed in 51 years ago. After the temple we headed down the street to the Lion House for lunch.
We then went and test drove cars. We have been trying to sell Brandon's car before the big move and then get a new one when we get up to Seattle. If any of you have any suggestions on what kind of car to buy or know any great deals we would love some input. To finish off the 'Utah Date' we went to Jana and Scott's reception. It was an garden reception at Thanksgiving Point and turned out beautifully. It was fun to see lots of our Provo friends one more time before leaving. Marcy and Me

Marcy, Jana, and me

I'm so happy we were able to do this 'Utah Date.' I'm sad to think that we are moving away from all of this in less than two weeks. But we are both really excited for the chance to go to Seattle.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun at the Cabin

Wednesday afternoon Brandon took off early from work and we headed up to Brighton to spend some time at our cabin. Right when we got there we took off on a hike up to Twin Lake. All of Clint and Lisa's kids, Grandpa, Brandon and I made the trek (Isaac walked the entire way by himself...we are so proud of him). The lake was beautiful.

Somewhere along the hike I got bit by a mosquito or some other bug and developed a golf ball size lump on my forehead. No pictures were taken to document this mysterious aliment but it was pretty ridiculous. I took some Benadryl that night and it went down quickly...and I slept really well that night. (This is Brandon's face when he saw my bite. just kidding.)

No trip to the cabin would be complete without an intense game of Settlers of Catan. I had no where to build cities and was pretty much stuck in a corner the whole game. Clint finally came out victorious.

The next morning we walked around Silver Lake and watched Grandpa and the boys fish. They didn't catch any fish...I guess they just weren't hungry.

Throughout the day we watched movies, went to Solitude, and had an awesome Foosball tournament. Brandon ruthlessly dethrowned Brigham as the champion. You can see on their faces how intense the games got.