Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm getting old!

So I hit the BIG 2-5 on April 3rd and am now a quarter century old!!! It sure sounds a lot older than it feels. I had a great day! Here it is...
10. I didn't have to work!
9. I got to sleep in...well at least until Brandon had to get up to go to work.
8. I went for a good run...about 5 miles. Even though it was on a treadmill it still felt great despite my aging body.
7. I got an unusually high volume of phone calls, emails, voice messages, cards, and facebook posts from friends and family! THANKS everybody!!!
6. My parents sent me a surprise package with a Wii Fit. I think Brandon likes it more than me!
5. I got to spend some time downtown at the Market. Surprisingly I don't make it across the lake very much.
4. We went to Mc Cormick's and had delicious fish. Mmmmmm!!
3. My amazing husband gave a me a Canon Rebel camera that I've wanted for YEARS!!! Now I just have to figure out how to use all the gadgets and buttons.
2. We stayed up late watching Marley & Me and eating freshly baked brownies from a box...two of my favorite things!
1. THE SUN CAME OUT!!! Just like I was hoping! I think Brandon pulled some strings with Mother Nature. It had been weeks since we'd seen the sun and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift.


Angel said...

How fun! You are a lucky gal, I want a camera like that!! Happy belated birthday!!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh I am a horrible friend! I totally missed your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! I'm so sorry... But I am glad that you had a great day. I miss you tons. Enjoy the camera! Those are so great!

Connie and Brandon said...

Happy (late) Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great day!

Clint Halvy said...

Well, just look at the bright side. No matter how old you feel, I will always get to feel 10 years older!

Lisa said...

We wish we could have seen you on your birthday!! We miss you!! It sounds like you had a great day. Don't forget your never old until you catch up to me. You can't be old or that makes me really old!! We Love You! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

Camille said...

By the way, Happy Birthday! (sorry I'm so slow!) It sounds like it was a great day! I love the camera and we just saw Marley and Me...I LOVE it!

love ya!