Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The latest and greatest

Wow...it's been a whole month with no update from Seattle! Not too much has happened but I'll give you all a quick update on our lives.

A couple weeks ago we went to the Bellevue Strawberry Festival at Crossroads Park. The lawns were full of booths selling random stuff. I got a free back 'message' but they were pretty much trying to get me to go to their chiropractor. We ate Hawaiian Shave Ice and a Dingleberry (chocolate covered strawberries on a stick). We also watched a few bands perform on the Main Stage. But the highlight of the day was watching the kids strawberry shortcake eating contest. Some of the kids were a lot more into it than others. There was this one little boy that just started crying when all the other kids face planted right into their food.

For the Fourth of July weekend we headed over to Spokane (sorry no pictures). The plan was to go to Priest Lake and go camping but I was a party pooper. I haven't been feeling that well for the past week...I've been having migraines, fevers, muscle aches, and just recently developed a cough...YUCK!! But I think I'm on the recovery! So because I wasn't feeling the greatest we just hung out in Spokane with Jim and Debby, Rich and Debbie, and Grandma Beth. The boys played two days of 18 holes of golf while us girls tagged along to walk the course, drive the cart, find their wild balls, and hit a few of our own. The night of the Fourth we went to Coeur d'Alene to watch the fireworks over the lake! It was gorgeous. Jim sneaked our way into the absolute BEST spot right along the lake for the show. Some of the fireworks were so big they felt like they were right over us...it was incredible.
Now we are back in Seattle and getting ready to move next week. We love our apartment but to save a few hundred bucks a month we are moving to another complex in our area. Hopefully next year we will buy a house so our next move will be a little more permanent. I think moving is one of my least favorite things. Especially the thought of going from one third floor apartment to another third floor apartment! But we will survive and it will definitely be worth it in the end.
That's it from us. Here is just a random picture of Brandon I took when we were at the mall the other day. There was a little kid riding in this helicopter and Brandon wanted a turn.


Grant said...

Great news. I hope you are feeling better.

Stephanie said...

Can we carry some boxes for you?

Lindsey said...

Good luck with the move. Wish we were there to help.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys are having a fun summer! I miss you! Good luck with the move.