Monday, September 14, 2009

Grubbs Family Reunion 2009

The day after my sister's wedding we drove to Durango, Colorado for the Grubbs Family Reunion! We had a lot of fun visiting with family, eating yummy food, taking beautiful hikes, going 4-wheeling, and of course...playing FIREBALL. Fireball is a Grubbs family tradition where you light a ball of twine on fire, go into a large empty field and play catch at night. Oh...and you do it with your bare hands. It seems a little crazy...okay VERY crazy but once you get over the fact that you are playing with fire (something your parents always told you never to do) and realize that you won't get burned it is actually really fun. These are some of Brandon's uncle's pictures of the game.
The players. Don't worry...all of the little kids stood on the side lines and watched. Some of the daring ones however did get a chance to throw one or two with the help of their parents.

It was a fun reunion! Thanks Bill and Diane for hosting it this year!


Lisa said...

Looks like fun. We should try it the next time we all get together!

Ali said...

What?! Balls of fire? How does that work? The pictures look unreal. I don't believe touching fire is a mind over matter thing, but whatever you say!! :)

Sandra said...

These are fantastic pictures. I am glad that you had such a great time.