Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Utah

We had a FABULOUS Christmas in Utah this year! It was packed full of fun activities and being with family and friends. To start off the week we went up to the Cannon cabin in Brighton. We had a little surprise when we arrived and found the water pipes had frozen. The kids loved to 'cook' snow for us to wash our hands and flush toilets. I think Brigham stood at the stove for hours on end boiling buckets and buckets of snow. He loved it for some reason! Monday we went skiing/snowboarding at Brighton. Brigham and Jacob are expert snowboarders and would cruise down the Explorer hill. Alicia had her first skiing lesson and loved the speed!
After skiing we came back to the cabin and went sledding before it got dark!
The next couple nights we made our way up to Kaysville to watch the BYU and Utah bowl games. This is Brigham's shirt he wore on Christmas day...I LOVE it!!
Christmas Eve we went over to my Grandma Cannon's house for food, a program, and a white elephant game.
Christmas morning we slept in and then opened presents until everyone got to my parents. My mom and dad gave us Rock Band which Brandon has been wanting for months. (Thanks again!)
When everyone arrived we opened more presents and had a delicious dinner.
Here's a picture of all the grandkids minus Wyatt and Owen (we sure missed you guys but were glad we could see you on Skype!)
The day after Christmas we went to a brunch with all my high school friends. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up. I sure miss all you girls! Thanks again Katie for hosting!
We had a great time in Utah! We are so lucky to have these fun times with family and friends! The only thing that could have made this holiday season better would have been if we were able to spend some time with Brandon's family.


Angel said...

I'm glad you got to spend time with your family over Christmas! Looks like you and all the little kiddos had a blast! :)

Sandra said...

It was so fun having you and Brandon here for Christmas. Hope all is going well back in Seattle. We'll see you, Karen in 13 days.

Grant said...

I enjoyed remembering these events with your great pictures. It was great to have you here in Utah.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you had a great Christmas in Utah! Awesome pictures, too! Nathan is jealous of your Rock Band. Haha...have fun with that!

Lisa said...

Look at you go! I need to make time for blogging I just don't know how my life got so busy! We already miss you guys. We are also very excited to go cruising with Karen in a few day.

Alicia said...

WOW! This is quite a blog.
I love the pictures!

Rick and Janae said...

Man, I wish we could have been there.

Suzanne said...

Karen I love the background for your blog! Scott and I just started a bog a little while ago but I can't find any cool backgrounds. Were did you find yours?