Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall City Farms

Last Saturday we made our yearly trip to the Fall City Farms to pick pumpkins. We walked around the pumpkin patch and finally picked our pumpkins. This year we got bigger ones so I made Brandon carry both of them to the car. We also sat and ate their homemade doughnuts and drank hot apple cider as we listened to the live Cuban Salsa band. This year they added an air cannon and would shoot small pumpkins and squash about 100 yards across an empty field. Here we are sitting at the mini concert.
This is Brandon's pumpkin.This is my pumpkin.And here is the finished product. Sunday afternoon we carved them for our 2nd Annual Plaster Pumpkin Carving Contest!! Please cast your vote in the comments: Jack or the haunted house.
Happy Halloween everyone!!


Lindsey said...

I vote for the haunted house. You are both so talented, and such amazing pumpkin carvers.

Jessica said...

I am always so amazed at your pumpkin carving skills!!!! And this pumpkin farm sounds so perfect...I wish I could fly up there for a weekend and join you! As for which one I vote for...I can't decide yet. The haunted house looks like it took more time/detail...but I LOVE Jack...so I'll have to get back to you on this one and think about it for a bit. :)

Lisa said...

I like the haunted house best! They are both awesome! You reminded me that we need to carve our pumpkins. I can't believe it is HALLOWEEN already!

Angela said...

Okay here are our votes:
Aubrielle: Haunted House
Benson: Haunted House
Jaycie: Jack
Angela: Haunted House
Great job to both of you! We are impressed with your sweet carving skills!

TC Plaster said...

haunted house. but both are really good/