Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mexico Trip 2010

Here is a photo entry of our recent cruise to Mexico with my family. Here is my mom and dad on the tender going to Cabo San Lucas.
Me and Brandon
Josh and Clint Brigham, Jacob, and Alicia
I love this picture of my dad. This is what he is doing anytime we are together.
The whole gang at Cabo!
In Cabo there were those people painted all gold that acted like statues until you gave them some money. Here is Josh with a pirate.
Here is Isaac with GI Joe.
At Cabo, Clint, Brigham, Brandon, and I went on a sea kayaking/snorkling adventure. We started by taking a water taxi to another beach. Here is a sign onboard our water taxi. 'Live Chakets' were under our seats if we needed them.
Here are the boys on the water taxi.
After kayaking across the bay to Pelican Beach we then boarded a glass bottom boat to go around the famous Cabo arch.

While we were on the glass bottom boat we passed by Lovers Beach where the rest of the crew was playing in the waves.
Brandon and me at the arch.
The next day we went to Mazatlan. Here are Alicia and Jacob with Senor Frog.
We went to a great resort and used their beach chairs/umbrellas. Here is Isaac, Brandon, Alicia, and Josh.
Me and my mom (photo taken by Josh)
Brandon and me (photo taken by Josh)
Brandon's sand creation.
Josh's castle
The men showing their muscles.
My mom
My mom, Suzy, and Scott
The kids had 'mud fights.' Here is Isaac showing off.
Clint and Brandon went parasailing. This is Clint right after take off waving to everyone on the beach.
Brandon just before take off.
The ship was beautiful. It was probably my favorite ship I've been on. In the center there was a huge open promenade with shops and cafes. At night they would have parades down the promenade. One night the kids did a pirate parade. Here are the spectators.
Isaac and Josh, the pirates!
Last stop was Puerto Vallarta. Here are Suzy, Isaac, Scott, Jacob, Alicia, and Brigham by the flea market.
Brandon on the beach.
Alicia, me, Isaac, Brandon, and Jake.
We played on the beach for a little while. Clint also rented a wave runner that the kids and Clint and Brandon went on. After we were done with the beach everyone raided the nearby resorts awesome pool. There was a checkers board where the guys played a few games.
The fam in Puerto Vallarta.
Brandon and me
Like I said the ship was amazing. There were a lot of activities to do on our days at sea. Here is Isaac and Brandon on the climbing wall. Isaac was like spiderman. Once he climbed the wall he would get off and get right back in line to go up again. He probably climbed it 8 or 10 times.
Here is Alicia, Grandpa, and Isaac at the ice skating rink. They had an ice skate show we got to watch one night. I'm impressed they could do so many crazy tricks with the boat swaying.
Scott, Clint, and Brandon played in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.
Another evening the kids were in a circus. Here are Jacob and Isaac as clowns.
At one end of the promenade there was a huge Christmas tree. The last night we took some family pictures in front of it. Here is the Plaster Family.
The originial Cannon family (except for Chris and Janae--we sure missed having you all there!)
The Halverson Family (except Jake--he got a little sea sick the last day)
Mom and Dad
The Morris Family
It was a great week!! We ate a lot of food and played a lot of games. I think I was more tired on this trip than when I am in my routine at home. I love spending so much time with my family. It was hard to come back to reality and the rainy weather in Seattle. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great week!


Christine said...

It looks like fun and I wish we could have been there. I might have to wait awhile before showing Liz the pictures. She sure wanted to go with you guys. I love the helmets on the ice rink.

Sandra said...

We sure did have a fantastic time. It was great being with some of the members of the family. I agree that the ship was very beautiful. I am so glad you guys could come with us this time. We missed Chris's and Janae's families.

Lindsey said...

So fun! I'm totally jealous about the parasailing. I've always wanted to do that. I love the part about the "Live Chakets" too. Hilarious! I'm glad you had a fun trip. Sorry you had to come back to reality. Come visit us when you need a break from reality.:)

Amy Marie Gessel said...

Looks like you had a blast!! Love looking at your blog.

Erin said...

Brings back so many fun memories!! You have the coolest family! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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