Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Brandon's knee has somehow founds its way to be the center of attention for two holidays now. Thanksgiving morning Brandon tore his ACL playing basketball with my family. Then on Valentine's Days, Brandon finally had his surgery to repair it. Dr Kimball said everything went well and that he expects a full recovery (6-12 months). We spent several hours in the recovery room until Brandon was awake enough to take home. That night Brandon did very well and nothing too unusual happened. We ate dinner, watched a movie and he fell asleep quickly.

Friday was another story. It all started when we got up to go to Physical Therapy. The entire session Brandon felt very sick to his stomach and the nausea did not go away when we came home. The Phenergan and Percocet they had prescribed was not helping. He was sick to his stomach and in more pain. He even spiked a temperature and was so uncomfortable he was unable to sleep. It was a miserable afternoon. Luckily Brandon's brother Tyler and his wife Chelsea were in town from Rexburg. Tyler stopped by and gave him a blessing. As soon as they left Brandon was able to fall asleep for a couple hours and woke up feeling much better. The worst was over.

Saturday Brandon did very well. He is very good about doing his Phyical Therapy exercises at home. I think he has a lot of motivation to get better soon and make a full recovery to return to his pre-injury abilities. We even went to the BYU basketball game where we sat in the handicap section with all the old people in their jazzy wheelchairs. :) The Cougars continued their home winning streak as they beat UNLV 74-48 thanks to my favorite player, Lee Cummard, who had an amazing game!

Here are some more pictures of Brandon's knee:


Rick and Janae said...

Brandon is pretty lucky to have had Karen RN around!

Rick and Janae said...

p.s. Where does Brandon get his legs waxed, Rick is looking for someone new.

Ali said...

You two are cute...way to be so supportive and there with him through it all- I guess you felt a sense of guilt? No, I'm sure you'd be there for him anyway even if it didn't happen when he was with your fam. Tell him I have get well wishes too:)

Camille said...

Poor guy! Good thing he has such a good nurse to take care of him! Also, you two look so cute! : )

Angel said...

Karen dear, Brandon is sure lucky to have you around. I just love to hear the stories, You two seem so happy! :) Unfortunately every time I look at your blog I feel a sense of shame. 93 miles! You are killing my 64! Way to go, I better get running even though I'll never catch up.