Monday, February 11, 2008

Mayday Parade

Ever since driving 14 hours to Mexico in a car where I was exposed to every punk band imaginable (thanks Algot for being our DJ and serenading us the entire way), I have been a huge fan of Mayday Parade. Saturday night Brandon and I went to see them play at the Avalon in SLC. They were amazing live!! The other bands were more emo and screamo which is definitely not my favorite but it was worth the wait to hear Mayday Parade. They played my favorite song, Three Cheers for Five Years, which you can listen to on my playlist to the right. Here are a few pictures from the concert. Of course they are not high quality because of the lighting but you get the idea. I really wish I would have got a good picture of the bass guitarist from the band Cry of the Afflicted. His hair was unbelievable!


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Camille said...

That sounds fun! Way to get into punk music--that happened to me when I worked at the kids camp and spent every day listening to the kids' favorite punk songs! :)