Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Sunday was my Grandpa Cannon's 88th birthday. We had a special family gathering to celebrate!!

At the celebration everyone told why grandpa was their hero. My grandpa is my hero because he always takes the time to make everyone feel important. My grandpa has a lot of kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, friends, etc that it must be hard to keep track of everything. But he is always there for you no matter what. He came to all my vocal performances, awards assemblies and graduations! Whatever I'm doing in my life he is genuinely interested and so supportive! Thanks grandpa!

Here are more pictures of the family party:

talking to grandpa

hanging out downstairs

brandon and isaac's scary faces!


Sandra said...

Great job with the blog. It was fun to be together last Sunday night.

Camille said...

Karen, you are so cute! Oh how I miss you! What a cute Grandpa, too! :)

Ali said...

Happy Birthday to the Gramps ;) Your family is so close and cute. Are you in a hole in that couch in that last picture, or are Brandon's legs seriously that much taller than yours? You're not touching the floor, sister!!