Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here are some bridals for all of you who have been begging me to post some pictures. Sorry I didn't do them sooner. I couldn't post them until after the wedding because I couldn't let Brandon see my dress before the big day.

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Rick and Janae said...

Hooray for all the new posts!1 I would leave an individual comment on each one, but i can't handle typing in the secret code that many times. First, yes I am jealous of new furniture, someday I may own a piece of new furniture. I am glad you had fun in Washington, it is weird to think that in a month we will be leaving pretty much as far away as it is possible to live and still be in the same country. THe picture from the bridals and the wedding are great, be sure to post more when you get the ones from the reception or send me the link so I can see them all online.