Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ragnar Relay Race

The week after we got back from our Honeymoon to Hawaii, I left Brandon for 2 days while I ran the Wasatch Back. This is one of the famous Ragnar relay races starting in Logan and finishing in Park City. Every team has twelve members running a total of 182 miles. I ran Leg 6 which was 15.7 miles. My first run was 6.9 miles down a dusty, rocky road in 80 degree heat. My second leg was around midnight straight uphill for 5.2 miles. My third leg was 3.6 miles on a flat road and should have been easy but I was so sore from the day before it took me much longer than it should have. Despite my slow feet on leg 3 our team finished in just over 27 hours. I wish I would have trained for the run but with all the wedding planning and trips I had no time. The day after I got home I could barely move but I am so happy I did the race. It was a great opportunity to be outside doing one of my favorite things and to meet new people. Thanks to my Uncle Wayne and the Morgans for letting me tag along.


Ali said...

Oh, I am so nervous but so exited for this next year. I had no idea that you had done it! Good for you! You are incredible. I've heard this is a lot harder than we all think it will be (via Mark Loveless) :) Yikes! You think I can do it 5 months post-partum?/! :/ Maybe you can be my alternate.

Kara said...

Hi Karen! My name is Kara and I am a family friend of Brandon! I am so sad I couldn't make it to any of your wedding celebrations! Congratulations! Brandon's like a little brother to me and you seem to be an awesome person! Yeay! I am in Spokane and got your blog info from Jim and Debby. Your wedding was beautiful! Jim and Debby are so happy to have you in their family.

But, I had to comment on this post because I love that you did this race! I have always wanted to! It sounds a little rough...that's perfect! I do triathlons and love it, but that relay is definately on my list of things to do! Let me know if you ever do it again and need an extra person. If I am not pregnant I am in! Can't wait to meet you! Tell Brandon hello!

Congratulations again!