Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 'Utah Date'

Today Brandon and I were able to go on what I call a 'Utah Date.' We started the day off with a 3.5 mile run. We are wanting to run a marathon next year so we are slowly starting to train. Brandon is doing great considering he had knee surgery in February and only started running a few weeks ago. We then headed up to the SLC temple to see our friends Jana and Scott on their wedding day. They look so happy. After taking pictures on the temple grounds, Brandon and I were planning on doing a session but as we were walking into the dressing rooms we were asked to do proxy sealings. It was a really cool experience because we were able to do the sealings in the same room my Grandma and Grandpa Cannon were sealed in 51 years ago. After the temple we headed down the street to the Lion House for lunch.
We then went and test drove cars. We have been trying to sell Brandon's car before the big move and then get a new one when we get up to Seattle. If any of you have any suggestions on what kind of car to buy or know any great deals we would love some input. To finish off the 'Utah Date' we went to Jana and Scott's reception. It was an garden reception at Thanksgiving Point and turned out beautifully. It was fun to see lots of our Provo friends one more time before leaving. Marcy and Me

Marcy, Jana, and me

I'm so happy we were able to do this 'Utah Date.' I'm sad to think that we are moving away from all of this in less than two weeks. But we are both really excited for the chance to go to Seattle.


Rick and Janae said...

Hey Karen and Brandon, I hear your in the market for a new motorcoach. No money down, 0% financing...and its a hybrid.


Ali said...

Just don't get a car with too many bells and whistles. They are more hassle than they are worth!! Our airbag sensor in our new car on the passenger seat in our hyundai sonata is always giving us trouble and now the tire pressure monitor system light comes one frequently and we are currently trying to get that fixed. It's a brand new car and I wish it were more BASIC. :) That is my ten cents-

Good luck with your move to Seattle! That is so exiting. I love love Seattle.

Lindsey said...

I'm sad for you that you will be leaving all of your family and friends (I know the feeling), but I'm so excited for you because I know you are going to love Seattle. There is so much fun stuff to do there. I hope we get a chance to come visit you there. We are really missing the northwest. We didn't know how great it was until we moved to the desert. If you're interested in a new Toyota at all there is a dealership in Denver that is cheaper than any other dealership, even with the cost of shipping the car to you. I hear Tundra's are currently $15,000 off, but you're probably looking for something a little more gas efficient. Good luck with your move. We'll be thinking about you!

Jessica said...

Karen! When are you leaving?! I'm back from Germany and I'll be in Utah again on the 24th! Will you still be around? I never got to say goodbye :(. Hope things are going well with moving prep. Love ya!

Jon and Maryanne said...

Beautiful pictures! I miss Utah, we are hoping to go down and visit one of these years! It was nice to meet you at your reception! You and Brandon are such a cute couple!