Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun at the Cabin

Wednesday afternoon Brandon took off early from work and we headed up to Brighton to spend some time at our cabin. Right when we got there we took off on a hike up to Twin Lake. All of Clint and Lisa's kids, Grandpa, Brandon and I made the trek (Isaac walked the entire way by himself...we are so proud of him). The lake was beautiful.

Somewhere along the hike I got bit by a mosquito or some other bug and developed a golf ball size lump on my forehead. No pictures were taken to document this mysterious aliment but it was pretty ridiculous. I took some Benadryl that night and it went down quickly...and I slept really well that night. (This is Brandon's face when he saw my bite. just kidding.)

No trip to the cabin would be complete without an intense game of Settlers of Catan. I had no where to build cities and was pretty much stuck in a corner the whole game. Clint finally came out victorious.

The next morning we walked around Silver Lake and watched Grandpa and the boys fish. They didn't catch any fish...I guess they just weren't hungry.

Throughout the day we watched movies, went to Solitude, and had an awesome Foosball tournament. Brandon ruthlessly dethrowned Brigham as the champion. You can see on their faces how intense the games got.


Jenna said...

Looks like a fun little getaway! Benadryl is a miracle drug!

Ali said...

It looks beautiful up there!! I have always loved peaceful lakes. They are so much less intimidating than the beach..How fun! Oh, and next time you SO need to document the mosquito bite with pics :)

Camille said...

That sounds relaxing! It was so fun to see you out there! But I missed you at the reception. :( Keep me posted on your new adventures! love ya!

Rick and Janae said...

Looks like a good time. Perhaps it is a good thing we were not there because Rick and I would have dominated everyone in fooseball.