Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our New Life

We made it safely to Washington and are finally starting to get settled! Here is what we have been up to since we left Provo:

August 13th was my last day at work in Provo. I was fine all day but when I walked off the floor I started to cry. I am really going to miss all the people I met and experiences I had. It was the perfect job for me right at that point in my life and the best place to work in all Provo. Thanks to all my CPCU friends who have made the last 2 years so much fun! The next several days were spent packing, cleaning, and moving everything. Tuesday morning we started the 2 day/900 mile drive to Redmond Washington; Brandon in a 16 foot Budge truck and me in my little Mazda 3 following behind. Our first stop was Idaho Falls to meet up with Tyler, Chelsie, and Debby. We had lunch and met little Hadley Jane for the first time. Debby was so nice to drive my car up to Spokane while I rode in the truck with Brandon. That night Brandon got really sick with a sore throat but we were able to get up the next morning and drive both the truck and car over to Redmond to check into our apartment and make sure everything was alright. We are so grateful for the help from Jim and Debby, Rich and Debbie, and Tommy in moving all of our stuff up 3 flights of stairs in the pouring rain. THANK YOU--we couldn't have done it without you!!

The next several weeks were full of one of my least favorite activities--shopping. The only furniture we brought with us was the bedroom set we found a great deal on back in Utah. There was no place to sit down in our apartment except two old camp chairs Brandon and I have had since before we started dating. So over the first week we were able furnish our entire apartment. To be honest I was a little worried about finding furniture that both of us would like and agree on but to my surprise we always feel in love with the same things. I am quite impressed/surprised with Brandon's homemaking skills...he has a good eye for home decor and is even talking about finding draperies for our windows (I honestly didn't even think of that). Oh how I love my husband and the new things I learn about him everyday! Jim and Debby were so helpful that first week. I think Debby washed every dish we owned by hand and helped organize the kitchen. Thank you guys!

Our couch (Brandon's favorite purchase because now he as a place to sit to watch Sports Center. It is microfiber and super comfy.) and our Coffee table/ottomanChina cabinet (my favorite purchase!)Kitchen table and chairs (It is counter high and has a leaf that will expand the table to a square to sit 8 people)

We bought our couch at Macy's on sale. It was actually one we saw in Utah that we liked but we were unsure whether or not it would fit. So to be on the safe side we waited until we were here to make some measurements. Finding a kitchen table was our biggest challenge. Everywhere we looked tables cost over $2000 and we didn't even like them. One morning we were on our way to take the moving truck back when we got off the freeway and saw one of those dancing billboard people on the side of the road advertising a retirement sale at a furniture store around the corner. We decided it wouldn't hurt to go look around before we took the truck back. We walked into the store, saw the table and chairs, china cabinet, and ottoman and within 10 minutes had paid and were headed to their warehouse to pick everything up. Thank goodness we didn't take the truck back! That afternoon we had all our new furniture in our house. It is so nice to have our own stuff and now I can say that I am grateful for those crazy dancing billboard people on the side of the road.

This is the view from our balcony. We live right next door to the Genie Lift Factory and there are a million semi trucks that go by every gets a little noisy. On really clear days we can see Mt Baker.

With being a little more settled we decided to have fun and see the sites. Our friend Nate was in town for a job interview so we were able to go around to the sites with him. One night we went and saw the Freemont Troll. This is a large statue of an ugly 'thing' under the Freemont Bridge. I guess it is pretty famous...but I have never heard of it before. We then went and saw the downtown Seattle skyline from a park. It really is a beautiful city and I love how it is right on the water.
One morning we went to Pike's market downtown. This was the day before the big BYU vs. U of Washington game so the entire market was swarming with cougar fans. It is amazing how we stand out like a sore thumb wherever we go. We even ran into President Samuleson a couple times. Pike's market is so much fun to walk around. It definitely smells like fish everywhere you turn. We saw the famous fish throwers and I was able to have my first taste of the fresh seafood at a market grill. It was the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. After wandering around the market for some time we then went down to Waterfront park and walked watched the boats in the Sound. Brandon even pointed out his office building. See if you can guess which one it is in this picture.

That evening we went to the Puyallup Fair with Brandon's parents. They were over in Olympia for some business meetings and were planning on going to the BYU game with us the next day. I think I have only been to the Utah State Fair once in my life and it was to look at some art work my sister Suzy had on display. On the long slow drive down to Puyallup I asked Brandon what people do at fairs. He said you walk around the vendor booths, eat food, and look at animals. And that is exactly what we did for the entire evening. After that discription I surprisingly had a lot of fun.
This is the only picture I took that the Fair. We look pretty good huh?

Saturday was the BYU football game. The kickoff was at 12 noon so we left our apartment around 10:30 thinking we would have plenty of time to get to there, park, find our seats and maybe even meet up with a few friends from Provo who were at the game. Boy were we wrong...the 520 turned out to be a parking lot and we didn't park the car until kickoff. After our 2 mile trek from our car, we finally got into the stadium half way through the first quarter. It was a close game but the Cougars came out on top with an amazing play to block the extra point in the final seconds to win the game by 1 point. Walking to our car we got some lip from the Husky fans. I just keep thinking, "We definitely aren't in Utah anymore!" There was so much swearing and drinking and comments about our church being made I was a little surprised.
One night we drove up to see the Snoqualmie Falls. (Sorry no pictures...they just wouldn't turn out in the dark!) They are a 300 foot waterfall just a few miles away from our house. There are a couple hikes around the falls that we will have to go back and try out sometime soon. We then headed off on our most random adventure yet. Whenever we drive to and from Spokane to our apartment we drive the back roads through North Bend, Fall City, and Snoqualmie. Along the road there is a giant log under a pavillion. We have been so curious as to what it is and why it is so important that they built a little enclosing around it. It turns out that it is not important at all. It is just a giant log about 10 feet in diameter that everyone carves their names on. Even though it has no signifiance we took our pictures by it and can now tell all our friends and family that we have been to the giant log in Snoqualmie!
The weather has continued to be absolutely beautiful this week so we went to Safeco Stadium and watched a Mariners game. We bought tickets from some guy off the street for really cheap. Our seats were amazing right behind home plate. Honestly baseball is a little boring for me but I absolutely loved the atmosphere inside the stadium. I can't believe how many people were at the game on a Wednesday afternoon....shouldn't they all be at work somewhere? The Mariners beat the Rangers 8-7. After the game we went for a walk to Pioneer Park.
We have also been able to go the Seattle Temple in Bellevue a couple times. They are doing some construction work on the Angel Moroni which is why there is that beautiful scaffolding all around the spire.
Other big news is that I am official a Washingtonian (Brandon says that is what they call themselves). I now have a Washington state drivers license and Washington plates for my car. Crazy! But I think I will still claim being a Utahn...that's some much easier to say than Washingtonian.
Other big new is that we bought a car yesterday. It is an Acura 3.2 TL-S and Brandon loves it. I told him he will have to make a post about it.

So that is pretty much what we have been up to since we left Utah. Brandon doesn't start his job until October 1st and I don't go back until Sept 22nd. I'm sure we will have lots more adventures to report on before we settle down and get back to our normal boring working lives.


Connie and Brandon said...

Wow!! You guys have been busy. I have been wondering about your adventures in WA. I am glad everything has worked out and you are settled in. I LOVE YOUR FURNITURE!! You need to make a little video of your house and post it:)

Lindsey said...

I have to admit I'm a little home sick after reading your post. I'm glad you are finding fun things to do. Did you try the crepes at Pike's Market? Every time we went there, I had to get a strawberry crepe, and Peter had to get some doughnuts. If you like halibut, have Brandon take you to Tides in Gig Harbor. It's a fun little restaurant right on the water, and it's great in the summer because you can sit out on the deck, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. They have really great fish and chips. I would also highly recommend hiking on Mt. Rainier. We have a favorite trail there with some beautiful waterfalls, and I know there are lots of great trails that we never even explored. You also need to go camping out on the San Juan Islands sometime. Absolutely beautiful! It rained on us the whole time we went, but we had a great time anyway. Your furniture is beautiful, and your apartment looks so cute. Oh, how I miss the Puyallup Fair. I've never been to a fair quite like that one. We went every year we lived there. So fun! Congrats on the new car! I look forward to hearing about more of your adventures.

Ali said...

Holy Smokes sister- that IS an update!! I am in love with your dining room table. Unfortunately (and fortunately) our original walmart purchased dining room table is still in such good shape, I don't see us replacing it any time soon...but when I do, it will so be a high-rise seating like yours. I have always wanted one of those. I love that you have had time to soak up Seattle some...are you slowly falling in love? I hope so. I think it's one of those places that once you live there, it's the best place in the world and you'll never find one better. NOt that I lived IN Seattle, but I did in Bremerton and a piece of my heart still remains. Where do you start working at the end of this month? I never heard the official update on work...isn't it nice to have this time with Brandon when he's not working? Jeff starts on Monday and the past month has almost been like a second honeymoon to us- I will be so sad to have him gone everyday now! wow, that was a novel. I am exited for more updates!

Grant said...

Karen and Brandon,

We enjoyed reading your blog. You have certainly had some great experiences in Washington. Your home improvments seem wonderful. You are certainly have a great life and many wonderful blessing.

Nate said...

I just have to comment - I am sooo happy I made it into your blog! Very special moment there! I love the furniture by the way, it is even better in person. Anyways, I look forward to more adventures with you two as we strive to become Washingtonians!

Jenna said...

I don't know if you could possibly have packed more exciting things into your short time in Washington so far! How fun! Glad you are enjoying life up there!

Kallista said...

Hi Karen-

It sounds like you guys have been having so much fun. I wish I would have known you were at the game, because my family and Dave and I went up there for the BYU game. My brother lives in Issaquah. I love Seattle area, and I hope you both enjoy your new jobs!


Jessica said...

Wow lots of new adventures! It was fun to talk to you tonight, Karen! And cute furniture, by the way. Your sectional looks exactly like ours except ours is dark brown. I'm glad you guys have had a chance to have some fun! Your post reminded me that I need to go become an Arizonian this week...driver's licence, plates, etc. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, frankly. It's still too hot outside :). Love ya!

Camille said...

Karen! I'm so excited for you and all the fun adventures you have had already! It's kind of hard to give up your Utah plates, huh? That's when you realize it's for real. :) Thanks for updating on the move...I've been thinking about you lots! I love ya!

Christine said...

Well it looks like a great apartment. You guys have great taste and I can not wait to see it in person. I am glad you guys made it to the BYU game. How fun. Love the car too.

Diane said...

Um, ok, so how come my mom had to call me to tell me you guys are in my home ward!!!??

Your post made me very home sick. This was one year that I didn't get to do the Puyallup. I hope you had an elephant ear or funnel cake.

Your apartment is very cute. Hilarious that you have a view of the Genie factory. My dad's old business is in that business park, and that factory is something that he always mentioned to out of towners. (You'll find that Washingtonians are very proud to claim companies that originated there.)

I'll give you a call later.

Liz said...

I love the furniture! And I'm so jealous that you were at that football game. I watched it with a bunch of friends at Ditto's apartment on his projector. It was really fun, but it would have been more fun in the stadium!

Melissa said...

Wow, you guys packed more adventure into a few days than I have all summer...actually probably longer! I'm glad you made it there safely. And I'm glad you can still enjoy Red Robin fry sauce...I can't live without it.