Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Replacement of Little Red

This was a difficult night for me; as evidenced by the frown on my face. The car pictured here was my first car. I purchased "Little Red" after being without wheels for a semester after my mission. I decided that buying a car would help my dating life and just make life a little easier. This hot, little Corolla was quite the chick magnet. Karen couldn't resist the car but shortly after getting married she (we) decided that we should replace Little Red. Karen told me that she wants me driving a safer car to work in Seattle but I really think she just wanted me to drive something a little less flashy.
In moving to Redmond we left Little Red with my cousin Chris in hopes that we would find a good car prior to starting work. Shortly after moving here I received a call from Chris letting me know that Little Red's clutch had gone out. I knew it was going but didn't know how close it was to going out. (Sorry about the dead car Chris.) Karen is very glad now that we decided not to bring Little Red up here. However, we are not sure exactly what to do with the car now. We are trying to sell it at a really good price if anyone is interested in an '89 Corolla.

We found a car! After many days of looking at cars and many test drives we found a car that will work at a decent price. I am currently in the process of naming the car. I will unveil the name sometime in the future. Our new car is a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL-S. Karen felt like this would be the perfect car to provide a safe commute and reduce the chick magnet appeal that Little Red previously provided. We have owned the car for almost two weeks now and we are really enjoying it. Thanks for the new car Karen!


Jessica said...

Nice car guys! That's exciting. Wow you two are really moving up in the world :). I'm glad things are going well for you!

Grant said...


You new car looks great. I hope you and Karen will be successful at coming up with a name. As you may know, our Escort has been moved on so the name "Rev" is now available if you want the title.

Angel said...

Yes, I agree...this new car is far less flashy! :) Nice choice you guys!

Karen said...

Just so you all know...I didn't even see Brandon's car for the first couple months we were dating. (We even walked to the Brick Oven for our second date.) I guess Brandon was nervous I would start asking him for a wedding date if I saw the car too early in the relationship.

Nate said...

chick magnet indeed ... so not fair how Brandon got all the ladies with Little Red. Good thing you got something that reduces the chick magnet appeal. Nice ride!