Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue and Gold Banquet

So my calling right now is with the Cub Scouts. I am the Wolf den mother so I get to hangout with about a dozen 8-9 year old boys each week. It has been a great calling for me to learn about little boys. I have no brothers and had no clue what they do in scouts so I have had to learn quick. Thankfully I am not totally alone. We combine with the Bear den and their leader, Molly, has been at this for about 2 years now so I would consider her a pro at it and I definitely learn a lot from her.

Little boys are so funny. There have been a few instances I couldn't help but laugh my head off at what they said. One little boy was acting up and his father is in the bishopric. We asked him to settle down and called him "Brother Smith" (names have been changed to protect the innocent). He kept acting up and we finally got him to look at us. We said again, "Brother Smith, can you hear what we are saying?" He said, "What?!? Brother Smith is my dad." He really had no idea we were talking to him. To him Brother Smith was only his dad and not him. It was hilarious...maybe you had to be there to grasp how funny it was. Then around Thanksgiving we were playing a Bingo game I had made up where we put different things we were thankful for in each of the squares: family, friends, house, food, school, games...etc. We were pretty far into the game and it was getting close to someone winning. One of the kids just kept saying over and over again "I need friends! I need friends!!!" I don't know why but it just sounded so funny because he was so excited to announce it to the entire den!
This past week we had the big Blue and Gold Banquet. I was lucky enough to be in charge of the food. It was a little stressful but it turned out to be a big success. We combined with another troop and had all their families come. We ended up serving about 90 was a lot of food. All the boys had a great time. Here are some pictures of the evening. I forgot my camera so these were emailed out to us by our Cub Master.
The theme was ABC Across America but we kind of changed it to Celebrating the State of Washington. The decorations were amazing. They made Mt. Rainier out of butcher paper and had trees all over the gym. It looked great and the boys loved it.

We made these fish the week before for decorations. They are salmon and orca. Do you remeber the art project in elementary school where you get little squares of tissue paper and put them on the end of a pencil. You then dip the end into some glue and put it on you project. The boys did a great job as you can see.


Stacey said...

Karen, you are so cute...and I am sure the boys love ya. Boys will be boys that is for sure. And maybe someone is prepping you for what your future holds. :)

Sandra said...

It looks like you did a fantastic job with the Blue and Gold dinner. I never did work in the scouting. You are learning so much more than I did with working and handling young men. Keep up the great work.

Grant said...

Did you ever think you would be involved with the scouts? Nice job and best wishes for success.

Melissa said...

Wow Karen! I bet you are the cutest den mother in the history of den mothers! I am glad that you are enjoying it. And I'm sure the boys love you.

Aprilyn said...

Hooray for Cub Scouts!! I love it! I'm the Cubmaster and have been for almost 2 yrs. If you need any help, I'm very familiar with the Wolf Program. Also, go to Basic Training. It's so helpful!

Katie said...

Karen, I can't help but smile as I think of you with all those little boys! I am sure you add a lot of fun to the group. Way to go!