Thursday, September 2, 2010

Utah Trip 2010

The main reason for our adventure to Utah this summer was to see two very good friends FINALLY tie the knot. Marcy and Johnny-- CONGRATULATIONS on being married in the temple. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we couldn't be happier for you.
Marcy was a beautiful bride! They had LOTS of family and friends there to help celebrate!This is Jana and me waiting outside the temple for the bride and groom to come out! Marcy, Jana, and I were roommates in the Enclave 2+ years ago. We were all dating our future hubbies! We have tons of crazy/funny memories together! Next time we are all together we will play Bocce! ;)Isn't my husband HANDSOME!?!The first 2 days were in Utah were dedicated to the wedding but after the bride and groom left on their honeymoon Brandon and I were able to spend some time with my family. Saturday my parents took us to the Mayan Restaurant and Inception on the IMAX. The Mayan has a fun atmosphere and while you eat there is a diving show. And for anyone who hasn't seen really need to. It is the best movie I've seen in a long time.

Sunday was the day we got all of the family together (except the Shamos who are still in CT) for a big dinner and fun. It was great to see everyone. Here is Brandon and Brigham throwing the football. (Brig and Jake just started their 1st season of contact football!)

Kail showed us how to play baseball. He is a good hitter and throws a wicked curve ball!Kalvin found this feather. He would chase (and scream) after it whenever the wind would blow it away!The kids flew kites. The wind was touch and go so it required a lot of FAST running!Watch out Isaac...
And of course a kite ended up in a neighbors tree. Here is Clint getting it down (Clint is SO tall!)
And most importantly I got to meet this guy! Nathan Grant Brown was born in July! He is a very special and beautiful baby! Congrats again Chris and Greg on the new addition!
I thought this was a really cute one of Nate and his mom!
And here I am with little Nathan! So tiny!Brandon and the kids. This picture is strangely familiar. (Check out this post) I don't know what it is but kids love to pile on top of this guy!Monday I went golfing for the first time in my life. I shot a 129! I can only describe my skills in one word: AWFUL!!! I'm glad we only counted the swings were I actually hit the ball. My score might have been over 200 if we included all my 'strikes!' For Family Night my parents took us to a Bees game. It was a close game but the Bees came out victorious!
Tuesday morning we got up extra early so Brandon and Clint could go golfing before Clint went to work. School started Monday and because I was there early in the morning I got to walk the Halverson kids to their brand new elementary school. The special treat of the day was that Brigham was in the school assembly. He is a member of student council and they did a skit to introduce the school rules. Brig's performance was OUT OF THIS WORLD!
That night Brandon and I went on a date. He took me to Costa Vida...our favorite Mexican place that is no where near Washington State. It is always a must on our list of things to do when we come to Utah. After dinner we went to the Drive-in. We watched Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. It was a perfectly warm summer night and a fun night out!
Wednesday I had a lunch date with all my beautiful high school friends! I really wish I would have taken a picture. I loved sitting, snacking, and catching up on each others lives. I miss you girls! That night we went to dinner at the Market Street Grill.
Thursday we spent the morning visiting my sweet Grandma Cannon. We sure love her and still think about Grandpa Cannon every day! Then Brandon was off to Provo to go to lunch with some friends and then participate in a EY recruiting event at BYU. I went to Kaysville to go shopping for home decorations with mom and this lovely lady! Lisa has a great eye for cute stuff at a great deal so I was happy to have her as my personal consultant for the entire day!

That was it for our time in Utah. Friday morning we packed up and headed to Boise! We spent the weekend hanging out with the Meyer family. We got a private tour around Boise, saw Bronco stadium, played at a few beautiful parks, and had lunch at Fuddruckers! Thanks for letting us crash on your living room floor for a few nights. It was great seeing you guys!


Grant said...

These are great pictures of a great visit. It was a lot of fun to have you with us.

Christine said...

It was great to see you guys and I love the pictures!

Taylor and Cami Weight said...

So sad I missed you! Fun to see the pic with you and you both :)

Melissa said...

Karen, it was so fun to see you. I miss you! Thanks for making lunch happen.

Erin said...

Love reading the updates! I'm way excited to see your flowers in the spring! Sounds like they will be beautiful. I'm so glad we could get together!